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BBC Scotland

"When I need to use an external training company, it is often at fairly short notice and most other training companies insist on a 4 to 6 week booking period which I find extremely limiting. Xpert Solutions react very quickly to my requirements and to date have never let me down when I've needed a trainer - even at 1 week's notice.

I've also used several of their trainers to work alongside our in-house trainers on a couple of corporate implementation projects, which gave me more flexibility when scheduling trainers to courses. Every one of their trainers has been of high standard and able to adapt to working inside such a large hierarchical organisation, as well as appreciating the pressures faced by staff in their day to day jobs.

I now use Xpert Solutions as my first contact for training requirements."
Training Officer


Anderson Strathern WS

"We required a local supplier with the skills to provide tailored training not only on standard office automation products such as word-processing, spreadsheets etc, but also on bespoke applications which are specific to our own business environment. We found this with Xpert Solutions.

Xpert Solutions demonstrated, through a willingness to listen and work closely with both our Administration and IT departments, that they could satisfy our requirements in terms of quality, flexibility and reliability all within our training budget. Fast production of tailored course material and excellent delivery and timing of training have enabled us to migrate and implement a standard set of office tools giving each of our 180 staff a PC on their desk. Within the space of 12 months, users have moved from a wholly dumb terminal non GUI environment to a multiple site Wide Area Network with E-mail, MS Office and bespoke applications at their fingertips.

The only training firm used during this transition was Xpert Solutions"
IT Manager


ASA International

"During the last 12 months ASA International committed to a substantial investment in new technology. We required a local training company to work along side our IT department to provide quality training throughout Scotland. Xpert Solutions worked with us during our transition, and delivered high quality, tailored computer training, on-site. They have proved to be flexible, and innovative in their approach, providing topic specific workshops and desk-side support, whilst remaining within budget. Xpert Solutions continue to have an on-going commitment to ASA and remain our preferred supplier of computer training and bespoke systems development."
IT Manager